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Who is Saving Paws?

Saving Paws, originally called The M.A.C. Pack, was founded in 2011. Initially it was a small-dedicated group of private citizens helping the animals in the Meriden pound to get extra vet care and visibility via Facebook and PetFinder to promote adoptions. This successful group has flourished over the last five years and recently reorganized as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity under the new name of Saving Paws. The new name reflects the future plans to support not only Meriden's animals and community but all Connecticut based municipalities and rescue organizations. Saving Paws' efforts have helped save and re-home over a 2000 animals in just five years! Saving Paws also created a new pound environment that is comforting and friendly to both animals and adopters. The new environment helps the animals cope with the stress of kennel life and also puts adopters and visitors at ease because it is obvious to anyone who visits our facility that our animals are loved and cared for. It’s a tough situation, but we do the very best we can and our continued success is proof that our efforts are working!

How Are Saving Paws and MAC Related?

Saving Paws is a volunteer-run organization, that partners with Meriden Animal Control (a City municipality/pound). There is no compensation provided for any volunteers or board members. The City is legally responsible for the animals and provides housing for all animals; we provide anything “extra” the animal needs to be more adoptable or healthy as well as advertising the animal via social media and pet adoption websites. Saving Paws also acts as liaison between adopters and the Animal Control Officers by answering emails and helping to schedule adoption appointments. The City is limited in what they can provide the animals, as this is taxpayer funded. Officers are often overwhelmed with daily calls and emergencies, so Saving Paws' role is vital. We are an extremely dedicated group and are very disciplined in spending and we limit expenses that do not directly benefit the animal’s daily lives or ability to be adopted quickly. All money matters are discussed and voted on by the board. Saving Paws is frugal, effective and professional. We hold ourselves completely accountable to those who donate and take any spending very seriously.

Saving Paws has built a strong relationship with the City of Meriden by demonstrating our ability to generate needed funds, reduce costs across the board at animal control and increase adoptions and the awareness of the dogs and cats in the City pound. We are very proud to be partners with the City, they truly care and have done everything within their power to support and work with us. 

 The Board of Directors 

Chairman & Treasurer

Christina Whitaker



 Martha Jakymiw

Vice President

 Bryan Kline


 Sarah Bacon


Board Member

Katelyn Mroczka

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