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Saving Paws Adoption Policies

Adoption Criteria

  • Approved Adoption Application

  • You must be 21 years old with valid proof of ID

  • Proof of home ownership

  • If you rent, you must have letter from landlord or copy of your lease that gives you permission to own a dog or cat. Bully breed specific permission is required.

  • Any other dogs in the home must be brought to the Meriden Animal Control so an interaction between your resident dog and the dog that you are looking to adopt can be faciliated in a controlled and safe enviornment. 

  • All children and anyone else living in the household must come down to the Meriden Animal Control for a meet and greet with the dog. Per the Animal Control Officers discretion, some dogs will not be adopted to families with children under 12 years old.

Adoption Fees and Requirements

  • Saving Paws is a 100% spay & neuter facility! No animal leaves our facility without being fixed prior to adoption.

  • All animals are altered through our agreement with the Meriden Animal Hospital.

  • A $75.00 adoption fee applies to all unaltered animals. This $75.00 fee will include the spay/neuter and a rabies vaccination. All animals are sterilized BEFORE the animal goes to their new home. Note: Adopters are allowed to add any other vaccines or tests such as heartworm, lyme, microchip, etc. for an additional fee at time of spay/neuter surgery.

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